Calendar of Events

Conversation Map

A group session of 3 classes devoted to diabetes education and the self-management of diabetes using a conversation map. Each session focuses on a different diabetic topic. Led by our Health Coach, classes are held 1-2 times per month, lasting no more than 2 hrs.  (Fee Applies)



Meet one on one with the Health Coach

One on one session with our Health Coach for education and to discuss questions or concerns regarding your chronic diagnosis or condition(s).  Appointments are offered Monday thru Friday.  (Fee Applies)



Carb Counting Class

Group session devoted to diabetic education and nutrition. Class focuses on carbohydrate counting, proper portion sizes, making healthy food choices and reading nutrition facts and food labels.  Classes are held every 1-2 months, lasting 45-60 mins.  (Free Service)


Diabetic Support Group


A support group for diabetics held bi-monthly on Thursday mornings.  (Free Service)

Walking Program


Our walking program will resume on 5/31/17.  Walks are biweekly at Cousler Park in West York on Wednesday nights from 5-6pm, weather permitting.  Contact our Health Coach for further details.

Advanced Directives Class


Our next Advanced Directives classes will be offered soon – watch for upcoming dates.  The classes cover the importance of a living will, a health care Power of Attorney, and basic guidelines to help you complete these documents.  A question and answer session follows.  You will leave with a packet of information to start the conversation at home.    ( Fee Applies )

Grocery Cart Tour


This is a fairly new program promotes healthy eating and takes place in the evening at Weis Grocery Store. Watch for dates of the next tour coming soon! Pre-registration is required.


If you are interested in any of the above, please call the office (717-846-8791) and ask for our Health Coach or contact her via the portal.

Call today to schedule an appointment: (717) 846-8791